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Service overview

Warehousing, Storage and 3PL services offered by the Gioddy group have become an integral part of our client’s requirements. As our clients continued to demand increased savings and efficiencies in their businesses, we have seen our business become at one with theirs.

Supply chains have become shorter with ‘Value Added’ services becoming standard practice. The multi task functions carried out by the Gioddy group include warehousing and storage.

  • Dedicated & custom-built

    We specialise in providing customised storage solutions for our customers – dedicated warehousing space is available throughout our global network.

  • Multi-user facilities

    Whether you require short, medium or long term warehousing, our multi-user facilities provide scalable solutions that share cost of of resources.

  • Facility operations

    We can take care of your warehouse operations and labour functions, making the most of your facility while you focus on your core business.

What if I need higher amounts of items, space or SKUs than these plans provide?

Are you looking to outsource your warehousing functions?

What happens if I ship more items than are included in my plan?

Are you looking for the just a simple Warehousing and Storage service?

  • Pallet Racking

  • Hard Standing

  • Bulk Storage

  • Food grade storage

  • Agricultural & Fertiliser Storage – Industry compliant registrations and Standards

  • Distribution Services with Web enabled IT systems

  • Inventory management and call-off

Looking for something with infrastructure and capacity?

Then you should look at our:

3PL Division – They provide a complete Warehousing and Storage solution for our corporate clients, organisations who require a partner not just a provider. The Bartrum Group is a partner who invests in its business to enhance operational output for the benefit of its clients.

These investments include premises and infrastructure, systems and processes, IT and communications. Recent investments include £2.5 million in new premises to house new operational activities, £4 million on new assets and equipment and £150,000 on communications and IT systems.